somewhere prototype – the first winter in newland

“Somewhere” is an interactive 360° picture book for children and their parent animals. Accompany little Unrund on its adventure through an icy world of snow! It invites children to playfully deal with new and unfamiliar situations, and doing so to experience that the unknown is often not as scary as expected. Little Unrund wakes up alone from its hibernation and starts searching for its pack. During its journey it has to overcome a variety of obstacles and its own fears until it finally finds a new friend.

Florian Panzer (DE)
Born 1987, since then addicted to the charm of video games and cartoons. Finished school in 2007 in a small town in Germany called Neuss. Bachelor of Animation in Breda (NL). Graduated (c.l.) with “Playgrounds Festival Titles” in 2013. Moved to one of Germany’s exceptionally hip metropolises and worked in the advertising and games industry from Berlin. Since 2016 studying Animation Directing (MA) Film University Babelsberg, where he is interested in hybrid formats between video games, VR and film.