3D printing

3D printing is a technology that is already being used to build houses and is intended to build villages on Mars! Fully coordinated with the “Age of Information”, all you need to do for it is to create the design… Imagine, draw, correct and print whatever you wish… Learn to use the programs, machines and basic principles to even be able to print at your house!

SciHigh (GR)
The educational team SciHigh is constituted by two physicists, George Papaeliou and Odysseas Platsakis, who, loving their field, are extending their activity to the diffusion of scientific and technological issues to the broad audience. They are designing and implementing educational programs aiming towards the familiarization with science and contemporary technological application as well as the existing tools, and the cultivation of critical thinking and creativity. The activities are designed according to STEAM – Science | Technology | Engineering | Art | Mathematics. Their programs are referring to students of Junior High and High school while they are also designing and implementing similar programs for younger children, adults and sensitive social groups.

Register for the workshops!

Book a place by sending an email including the name of the participating child, their age and a guardian’s contact number at workshops@adaf.gr Due to a limited number of places, priority order will be followed.