Music is an expression of gravity on earth as well as our bodily proportions. Creating and listening to music brings humans together. This installation presents a new, physical way of making collaborative music. 36 sensors under a carpet, connected to a music computer and loudspeakers. The patterns invite people to explore different combinations. 6 groups with different instruments, 6 zones in each group. By standing or dancing on different combinations of the 6 zones, 64 different loops can be triggered. Total 384 loops, all synchronised so that they all sound good in every possible combination. If no-one stands on any zone for more than 2 seconds, the loops in each group is randomly re-arranged. Flooor can produce 68 billion possible combinations.

By Hakan Lidbo & Max Bjorverud / Rumtiden Idea Lab

Håkan Lidbo (SE)
After a career in music, releasing hundreds of records, Hakan Lidbo now creates interactive art, sound art, innovations, apps, games, books, film, radio, architecture, urban planning, virtual reality, food tech, keynotes, education, robotics and installations for museums, events and public places. He is the founder of Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm where experts within different disciplines explore innovative aspects of music, art, science, society and technology, merged into new expressions.