“Play to learn” is not just about being a robot, but “a friend” that engages children in playful learning. With its artificial intelligence, its supportive personality and its range of academic opportunities, the robots give you an appointment for a meeting at the crossroads of innovation, in society, science and technology. Responding to the educational dynamics and development of children through fun learning, robots provide you with the most engaging educational experiences on the planet. They’re also full of learning games, including quizzes, puzzles, jokes, stories, and challenges. Because it’s not just the smartest little robot you’ll ever meet. He’s also your friend. And of course there are songs and music to make sure no child is bored.

Kamel Ghabte (FR)
Kamel Ghabte is a versatile digital artist who develops, My DIGITAL FOOD, different tools and programmes revolving around digital interactivity in real time. Besides, he’s a consultant as well as a composer of electronic music and an instructor in digital audio and digital interactivity. Since 2007, Kamel Ghabte is a certified pro by Apple. His work revolves around artistic language, computer science as well as audio and visual content. His questioning focuses on the processes of artistic exchange, and the answers he gives are related to retranscription.