Video art is a type of art that uses movies, footages, video recordings and video projections as a creative or expressive sources. It often refers to a specific location and can be installed, displayed, viewed and recorded in different locations or places. Contemporary examples include footage taken from various sources on TV or the Internet, as well as personal video / camera recordings. This kind of art can be produced by filming live performances or handling shots while adding layers or effects. In our course, kids will use their own images (static and non-static) to create their first video and, at the same time, their first art scenario.

AlterKids (GR)

The presenter of the Workshop ” Video Art Design for kids ” is AlterKids under the roof of Cinema alive. ThinKarma in parallel connection of his upcoming live at the 18th ADAF with reference to his Interspecies & Workshop “Video Art Design for Kids”, approaches the virtual demystification in which a child has entered – with direct interaction, using and educating the child – with the same tools video editing to be used by his digital hero or favorite digital communication / YouTube channel.

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