“Line Wobbler” is a one-dimensional custom hardware game with a wobble controller made out of a steel spring and a long LED strip display. It is an award-winning experiment in minimalism in game design, use of novel input mechanics and the incorporation of physical space into the game. The game itself is a one-dimensional dungeon crawler where the player navigates obstacles and fights enemies to reach the exit of a series of increasingly difficult levels. Movement is controlled by bending the Wobble controller forward and back, while enemies are attacked by flinging the spring.

Robin Baumgarten (DE)
Robin is an award-winning experimental hardware game developer and interactive installation artist based in Berlin. After researching Artificial Intelligence in Games and working on mobile games, he is now fully focused on creating playful interactive installations that straddle the divide of games, science and art. His works range from award-winning one-dimensional hardware games, over weird wobbly spheres, to walls full of door stopper springs that visualise quantum physics in a playful yet scientifically accurate manner. Common among all of Robin’s art is tactile interactivity and immediate response: His installations invite human touch and respond with vivid and playful reactions. His medium of choice in his latest works reflects this: metal springs that wobble, dance, and push back against touch, which is measured with precise sensors and visualised on large LED arrangements that defy common grid structures.