The darkwave-electro, synthwave, post punk band of Meat Injection presents its first album entitled “System Anomaly” which was released on June 20, 2020 by Wave Records (Brazil) and consists of 10 tracks. The album was created mainly by the need for the band to express the paradox of our time, where the ego dominates in everyday life, while love and compassion are now graphic behaviors of weakness. It is this pervasive dystopia that overwhelms us with a feeling of confinement but also of a longing to break the chains of false needs and to face our soul honestly again. Like the sea. “System Anomaly” was recorded at Soundcave Studios, in Athens, in production of Nikolas ”The Mute ” Chalntoupis, who is responsible for mixing and Mastering. The artwork was designed by Teokon.

Meat Injection (GR)
Meat Injection is a darkwave-electro, synthwave, post punk band formed in 2016, in Athens. Their music is dominated by an atmosphere of fragmentation and inner search. A cry that tries to save us from the paradoxical impasses of modern life. The tones of the synthesizers are attractive, dark and the nervous rhythmic parts of the bass and drums exude an eerie energy. In June 2020 they released their first album “System Anomaly” from Wave Records (Brazil). Two EPs have already been released: “Death For Fun” (2016) by In Club Records (Peru) and “Hang Me Love Me” (2017- Self Released). In 2021 they released a collection of remixes. Their main influences are: Prodigy, Clan Of Xymox, Joy Division, Wipers, She Past Away, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, among others. They have appeared next to names like Bleib Modern and have shared their music at Park Festival, Future Sonic Festival, BlackRose Festival. We darken your soul. Dance with us. Band Members: Dimitris: Composition, Bass, backing tracks Thanasis: Drums Katerina: Vocals