Interspecies (ThinKarma feat. Lou)

INTERSPECIES can refer to Dialects, to an interaction between binary species, to a new interdisciplinary communication, to interdisciplinary friendship, to cyber sex. Away (FAR) from Earth our cosmonaut comes in contact with his earthly companion. An allegorical neo-romantic dystopia attraction (PULL) is synchronized through a telepathic tunnel. The space persona (BARBARELLA) takes on flesh and blood as an extraterrestrial cosplayer on the altar of earthly instincts. A new trend (BENT) is born through a new inter-specific communication that interacts on a physical level. Inside the Earth (EARTH) our ivy (Hedera helix) climbs and hooks embracing the astronaut in a Love & Hate relationship. An overwhelming romance (SMASHING) is shielded with the code name “Umbrella” As an Intro (GENESIS) and Outro (LINK) of our project, we developed & incorporated key elements as a reference to the unforgettable artist & father of the electronic scene and our inter-galactic mentor Vangelis Papathanassiou.

THINKARMA audio connects an alternative world of today with tomorrow, with the help of audiovisual allegorical references to the interdisciplinary human-machine / robot relationship, inside or outside the globe. In music we travel to the Interspecies, with the exceptional cosmic presence of LOU in an extraterrestrial coexistence. An alternative Space Opera is born with the members of the CINEMA ALIVE team on stage, transforming into Interspecies. Key-Stations of Sci-Fi or Fiction are presented through an interactive performance with the earthly public & in combination with the help of special robots on stage, through remote controls of the operators of the STAGE 51 ROBOTIX team. The video art follows us in this project as well, always in synchronization with the KENO team, shaping the virtual scenographic projection of our own space-time.

ThinKarma feat. Lou (GR)
George Papaioannou (aka ThinKarma) is an cyber engineer based in Athens | Greece. The electronic music culture & the visual arts, in combination with current existing projects, activate the capture, development & design of his next music creation.