as Above, so Below

The conceptual genesis of Saturno Contro reflects the timeless bond between past and future dimensions. The curiosity in seeking for different time frames elevates Saturno Contro’s artistic research towards different contaminations, that range from the enchanting awareness of the past to the avant-garde of the future.

Music by Saturno Contro
Visuals by Matteo Mugnai

“Atto I: An Intercourse” is earth, fire, depths, blood. It is erotic tension led by magic signs, urban mazes and psyche labyrinths.

“MONK” is water, air, sky and stars. It is the musical transcription of an unconscious desire of elevation, an irrational impetus towards the light.

“Piramidi di Calici” is where the two worlds meet each other. A dreamy window over the streets of the stars, where to admire the dynamism of life both on earth and over the clouds.

Human becomes Divine, Divine becomes Human.

as Above, so Below.



Weaves of ether

Attract amber’s eyes

Pointed at the moons

Which dwell around you


They look like rings

Made of an eternal elegance


From this remote planet

Look up, gaze of the soul

So that one day

Ready to welcome 

The wind of change

To break disorder

And bring harmony 



So distant, yet so close.

Saturno Contro (IT)
Saturno Contro was born in 2020, when Bologna-based musicians Mario and Giuseppe met Malika, italo-moroccan singer. In their experimental music, ambient, electronic and new-age sounds come together in a wave of pure avant-garde. They released two singles: “Atto I: an Intercourse” and “Monk”, followed in 2021 by an eponymous EP, and have subsequently presented it in Florence, Matera and Bologna. “Saturno Contro EP”, among art, psychedelic decadence and a touch of pop, reflects their personal oniric journey between Earth and Sky, between stars and urban mazes.