Morton Feldman: Three Voices

“Three voices” (1982) is the last work for solo voice of Morton Feldman, a pioneer of the American avant-garde and experimental music scene of the 20th century. In his work, described as “trio for one”, the vocalist sings live a vocal line accompanied by her two pre-recorded vocal lines. Through the vision of an homogenous vocal soundscape, Feldman – captivated by the elusive nature of Time – explored his desire for pure material and futuristic abstraction as unconsummated imagery. Voice meditates transcending time and space and the loudspeakers are encountered as another kind of performers, exploring a new dimension of performance art and vocal music.

Kristia Michael (CY)
Kristia Michael is a Cypriot soprano and sound-artist based in The Netherlands. Focused on medieval and contemporary music, she is interested in the use of vocal extended techniques, pure tones, folk timbres and performance art. She collaborates with composers for world premieres, recordings, various projects and operas. Collaborated among others with The National Opera & Ballet (NL), Opera Forward Festival (NL), K3 Tanzplan Hamburg (DE), O. Festival (NL), Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, the Center of Cypriot Composers, Arctic Trio Ensemble (NW), Φ Faos Ensemble (GR), MusicAeterna soloists (RU). She is the founder of the medieval music ensembles Sibil•la Ensemble (NL) and Ensemble Cantara (CY). Her compositions and audiovisual projects premiered/presented at EPICENTROOM Festival (RU), SPRING Festival (NL), IMZ International Music + Media Centre (Wien), DOM RADIO (RU) and the State Hermitage Museum (RU).