Otis. Vertival Tales

“OTIS – Vertical Tales” is the new live concert by Økapi, developed from the illustrated music album that he published with Folderol Records. It is a tribute to the inventor of the elevator, Otis Elisha Graves, and to that device that has revolutionized urban horizons and set infinite narratives since the mid-nineteenth century. For this live show, Økapi deconstructs sounds and – for the first time- images coming from the most disparate sources and reassembles them in a suite. As an exceptional elevator operator, Økapi takes the public on a vertical and mental journey, from the ground floor to the 15th floor of an imaginary building.

Økapi (IT)
Økapi is a French-Italian composer of electronic music, well-known collagist and exponent of plunderphonic music. He released several solo records and took part in numerous collaborations and line-ups. He is a reckless cross-player of codes and genres, appreciated in the musical research field and in the underground and dance world as well.