Han is a top ranker of the Gatcha-mobile game “Pick Me Up!” with the account name of Loki. He suddenly gets warped into the very game, as a rusty level 1 – one star Hero. And to cap it all, his user is a complete newbie. Master Loki will have to carry him through the 100 stages to survive… The original piece is a 6 Million-viewed Korean Web-novel, which mixes a fantasy-adventure with a cynical critique about the Pay-to-win type of Mobile gatcha games.

Jong-hyun Jung-Boix (KR)
Jong-hyun JUNG-BOIX was born in Busan and grew up as a French-Korean bicultural. After graduating Gobelins in Paris, he has been animating for big studios in various styles such as Illumination, Fortiche, Mappa and Square Enix. These world-wide experiences will allow him to be a quadrilingual and acquire understanding of many different animation styles and cultures. As a Co-founder of Anioneworks in Korea, he supervises animations for clients while making his first professional short film “Pick Me Up!” as a Director, in which he tries to mix the good part of eastern/western animation as well as 2D and 3D.