The future that we lost

Just as humans today imagine the world a century in the future, ancient humans also envisioned themselves in future scenarios where we are now today. There is no way for us to know whether the visions of the future can be realized, but we can predict it by referring to the discrepancy between past imagination by ancient people and the realities of today which were used to be future for them. The artist reviewed different versions about 21st century by ancient people in a differing century from the following points: architecture, technology, urban design and lifestyle. He constructed a parallel world according to what the ancient people have failed to accomplish and also their abandoned designs.

Gao Wenqian (CN)
Gao Wenqian was born in ShanDong, China. In 2013 he graduated the Academy of Fine Arts of China and in 2019 he graduated the École national supérieur des beaux-arts de Paris. His creative medium involves experimental animation, land art, interactive installations, sound, games, artificial intelligence and other forms.Time is often used as the point cut in his works, which involves science and technology and the relationship between the virtual and the real world.