A Selection of Bolton Film Festival works

A Selection of Bolton Film Festival works | Bolton International Film Festival | UK | 60 min Bolton International Film Festival is a BIFA and BAFTA accredited short film festival in the North West of England. The festival has shot to prominence in recent years, being a voted Creative England CE50 and a “Top 10 Best Reviewed” festival from over 11,000 worldwide. Celebrating short films from home and abroad, the festival acts as an amplifier of emerging and established talent. Through its screenings, industry talks, masterclasses and networking sessions it aims to break open the door to a creative industry that many filmmakers find difficult to access and navigate. In a world where technology both connects and disconnects, how are we to navigate our journey through precious time? Can we override the system’s failures as we sign up to a rocketship to a promised land of the metaverse? Have we learned anything from the past? Are we destined to leave our authentic self behind? or can we find a symbiotic relationship with ourselves and technology.

Bolton International Film Festival (UK)
List of works and artists: Inside | Yann Chapotel | FR | 5.45 min @Scroll_Alice | Celine Ufenast | UK | 3.38 min Gravedad | Mattise Gonzalez | DE | 10 min Cuties | Theo Scott | UK | 5.15 min A love story | Anushka Naanayakkara | UK | 7:04 min Story | Jolanta Bankowska | PL | 5.08 min All Tender Things | Tatu Pohjavirta | FL | 13 min Opera | Erick Oh | KR | 9 min