Naive Mischief In Oak Paso

Ispired by American crime stories set in isolated suburban towns, following the purest “Twin Peaks” style, the artist wes very interested in the idea of creating different iconic scenes that could work individually. To achieve this, he came up with the idea of using gifs: looped 2D animations uniquely capturing a specific moment. The black background is the mysterious canvas in which the gifs are portrayed, appearing on the screen as brief moments of light that progressively guide the viewer through the dark tunnels of the investigation. This intermittent lighting not only interacts with the viewer but also works as a transition between one scene and the other. Following a synthetic and naturalistic style, the aesthetic proposal of “Naive Mischief In Oak Paso” presents a reduced colour palette and is characterized by using highly contrasted lighting, with little presence of gray. Considering its both narrative and delicate sound treatment, the idea is to highlight the dramatic tone of the story, which is conveyed through an straightforward graphic proposal to favor the reading of each of the scenes.

MANSON, Marc Torices (ES)
Marc Torices is a comic book artist and animator. His comics have been published in editorials, magazines, and newspapers in diverse countries such as Spain, France, England, Mexico, Argentina, and Slovenia.