“Positronic Brains” is a single electronic music composition where ambient soundscapes alternate with tracks and songs inspired by the 3 anthropomorphic robots – R.Daneel Olivaw, R.Jander Panell, R.Giskard Reventlov- of one of the masters of science fiction, of Isaak Asimov. The characters of robots and their behavior are based on the 3 laws of robotics – as invented by Asimov – which, if applied in reality, certainly affect the present and the future of humans – as well as the entire planet – and the creatures that inhabit it, as well as the ecosystems that make it up, would be free from many of the ailments caused by human actions. This would be especially so if in the “zero law”, as R. Daneel added in Asimov’s later novels, we exchanged the word “robot” for the word “human”: “The robot will not harm humanity, nor will his inaction will allow humanity to be harmed”.

Incirrina (GR)
Incirrina (electronic / minimal synth duo) were formed in 2017 in Athens by George Katsanos and Irini Tiniakou. In October 2019 Geheimnis Records released their first album entitled “8.15”, in November 2020 the digital maxi single “Utter” and in July 2021 the 7” split single “Devastations-R.Daneel” together with “The Man & His Failures” by Smash Records. Their next LP will be released in 2022 by Cold Transmission.