How to live in invisible places

How to live in invisible spaces? ‘How to live in invisible spaces’ was a workshop who explored how technology is shaping the way we discover space. We explored an invisible space, learned about augmented reality, and created narratives with the use of wearable technology. The created artworks are exhibited as part of Athens Digital Arts Festival 2022.

Maria Paneta & Esto Association (GR)
Maria Paneta (b.1988, Athens) is an artist who works on the verge of art and architecture. She creates interactive installations, prosthetic wearables, video and photography, exploring the ways machines communicate with living things. Her study in the Bartlett resulted in the development of the wearable ‘Sarotis’, a prosthetic device that augments spatial awareness and creates tactile virtual spaces. She creates spaces dealing with augmented life in non-human environments and the bodily interfaces of their inhabitants. She holds a MArch from Bartlett School of Architecture UCL on interaction design and a Diploma of Architecture from University of Patras. She has exhibited internationally with shows in Athens, London, Utrecht and Texas. She was part of the 150th anniversary of Harpers Bazaar in MoCA Shanghai 2017. She has worked with leading cultural and research institutions including the Bartlett School of Architecture and the Victoria & Albert Museum London, where she taught interaction design. Maria Paneta is based in Athens.

Esto association was founded in November 2021 from artists and designers that come from various fields but have common ideas on aesthetics. The goal of the team is to combine research with artistic production and experimental design.

Nikki Danai Chania is a research based designer and creative director that works in the commercial and experimental version of the subject. Konstantinos Doumpenidis is a visual artist and creative director whose versatile practice includes photos, video, graphics, and editions. Markella Mpigala is a senior graphic designer while also a memember of a small quueer brand based in Berlin (@fashionspaetkauf). Iro Karavia has studied architecture and works in the field of applied art (cinema, theater, photography) implicating in her applications gender and space policies .