“The planet Mars is, after the Earth and the Moon, the third best known, most explored and most accurately mapped world by humanity.” “Orbis Tertius” is an installation about the planet Mars cartography, and the long data travel from Mars surface up to its on-site generative render. A machine endlessly draws dozens of thousands of lines on large sheets of paper, revealing each and every smallest volume of vast landscapes : alluviums, cliffs, rocks and boulders that build up large craters and huge mountain ranges. The process is long, the landscapes appear over hours and days. These landscapes are not imaginary: all the details compose a faithful depiction of a real Martian area, based on actual topographic data captured by NASA in martian orbit. All these steps are revealed in real time thanks to multiple video screens.

Benjamin Vedrenne (FR)
Benjamin Vedrenne is an artist focused on digital experimentation in 3d visuals and interactivity. He works on interactive installations, innovative video-games, and various mixed media experiments. His works are characterized by bold visuals, bright colors, engaging worlds and systems that question our relationship with machines and algorithms in playful and interactive setups.