‘Interpolate’ is an interactive choreographic performance using wearable technologies and pneumatics, which aim to connect a dancer with audience members in an experience of movement, tactility and remote touch. Inspired by the contemporary dance technique of contact improvisation, the wearable attempts to simulate the sensation of touch on the body of the performer and audience members. It explores possibilities around the puppetry of the self and of others, but attempts to represent trust and empathy. During this hard time that we are going through, human touch has become an important matter. The performance, speculates the evolution of future touch by highlight the matters individuality and isolation. Interpolate means “to insert something of a different nature into something else’. ‘Interpolate’ inserts the sensation of being touched and initiates movement from haptic stimuli. The focus of the sensitivity on the skin creates movement from a remote touch haptic sensation with the support of new tchnologies. Dance engages the body, while technology enhance it. “Sensation is in the body and not in the air” – Francis Bacon

Angelina Papachatzaki (GR)
Angelina Nikoleta Papachatzaki is an interactive architect and performance designer. She studied architecture in the UK and then she endorsed her knowledge by merging interactive art with design and architecture at the Bartlett school of Architecture , UCL undertaking the title of Design for Performance and Interaction, praised with the best visual communication project of the year. Her work and performances have been exhibited at the Tate Britain, Rambert Dance Company, London and UCL. Her philosophy and main focus points is the human body as she believes that the body can become an architectural site for new creations and designs. She is merging new technologies, electronics and body movement for the creation of original sets, performances and installations. She is calling herself body architect as she believes that architecture can have alternative aspects and sites of expression so the space and body become a new canvas of creations Specialisations in: visual experiences, performance, and interaction, installations, story telling, digital visuals, costume and set design, human body and architecture.