The project began with a long work of mourning. Initially, some abandoned images from the editing of a previous short film. A sequence around a couple of men halfway between a dance and a love scene. There follows a research work on 3D animation of characters around dance idea and the creation of new sets. The resulting film is built around the loss of a loved one, persecution and war. An implicit memory like visions and emotions that come back vivid but still fragmented. If, like most of Alain Escalle’s short films, they feature a choreographic work, “Etreintes” (“Embraces”) is this time and the occasion for a first musical composition signed by the director.

Alain Escalle (FR)
Alain Escalle is a director of short films. After studying Applied Arts and Cinema, in 1991, he discovered the world of digital creation during an internship on a film by Peter Greenaway. Alain Escalle directed his first short film “From the Shipwreck”, in 1994. After many professional trips to Japan, he directed the film “The Tale of the Floating World”, a short film awarded in several international festivals. Then, in 2013, followed the creation of the medium-length film “The Book of the Dead” on the ghosts of the history and the Shoah. His hybrid work mixes animation, visual effects and live action.