The short film Absence was created with the purpose of showing a more lesbian representation in animations. The film portrays natural relationships between women who love women and addresses the issue of endings and their healing and regeneration processes, experienced by the characters Helena and Marília. Animation was the format chosen by the director because it is easier to absorb by the general population, regardless of their age group. Talking about LGBT+ people more often makes these people exist for others, thus becoming more common to “other eyes”. One day, who knows, we will be able to portray only loves and not their genders and sexual orientations, showing only that love is love.

Alexia Araujo(BR)
Alexia Araujo is a designer, illustrator and animator. She has a degree in Animation from the Federal University of Santa Catarina and currently works with design. Her first short film, “Tempo”, was awarded twice at the Festival do Minuto (Brazil) and was part of the official selection of the Noche de Monos Festival (Chile) in 2018. She always seeks to bring LGBT+ representation to her works, as was the case of “Tempo” (2018) and “Absence” (2020).