Oil drilling towers loom the polluted cityscape. Extraction procedures have been authorized for inner-city use. The shouting of a group of activists is overwhelmed by the heavy machinery boring deep into the ground. A severely ill detective, working for the environmental police, arrives to investigate on site. After taking samples, he calls for immediate action to stop all activities. He is confronted with a corrupt legal system, protecting the reckless frac companies and allowing them to continue their operations. After bearing more bad news about his health, the detective is left desperate for a solution and feels overpowered by time running out on him. How far is he willing to go to stop them?

Matthias Kapuvari (DE)
Matthias Kapuvari, born 1988 Karlsruhe, Germany, is a Director and Concept Artist based in Berlin, Germany. During his childhood, he quickly discovered his passion for drawing, painting and visual art. In 2015, he graduated with distinction from his Bachelor in “3D Visual Art” at Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. During his Bachelor, he directed a cinematic trailer called “Solitude” (2014). After completing his Master’s degree at Teesside University in England, he worked for more than three years at the Design Studio “Atomhawk”, where he led teams of concept artists and directed photoshoots. Combining his experience in directing projects and a strong interest for design and storytelling, he decided to develop his first short film “Undermined” (2021), after moving to Berlin in 2020. With a passion for film and animation, he continues his career path in directing.