Dry Rehearsal

I worked with an acrobat using the structure of the space. The filming location is a mockup at the construction site, which makes you imagine a virtual area to be located somewhere, just as a temporary site that actually exists elsewhere. The motion of the performer measuring the depth of the air is segmented by fine waves, and the shape of moving the edge to the boundary is constantly reflected on the wall. The movement created in a limited frame is also an exercise to be more flexible in the space outside the set.

Jungkyun Shin (ROK)
Shin Jungkyun is interested in revealing individuals’ identities and the social relations in which they are situated. And they are the very substance of the fragmented scenery of reality, which visualizes the social relationship that individuals establish with the group and the points of tension, conflict, and fragmentation innate in such relations. Shin has held 5 times solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions and screenings.