The Figure

We wrap our feeling in words, we try to express in words our joy, our sorrow and our emotions, that is, everything that in reality remains unexpressed. There is another kind of language, and another form of communication: with feelings and images. With this communication people cease to be separated from each other and their barriers are removed. Will, feeling and emotion move the barriers between people. The margins of the screen are lost and the world that is usually outside of us enters within us. Something real is happening.

Maria Andreou (GR)
Maria Andreou was born in Athens, she is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, from the 6th painting workshop with professor Mr. Kazazis Georgios. She has participated in many workshops such us engraving, photography, video art hagiography. She also has participated in group exhibitions at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens (2010), in group exhibitions of the 6th painting workshop of the Athens School of Fine Arts (2016-21), in group exhibitions of the engraving workshop of the Athens School of Fine Arts (2016-21), at the Deport Art Gallery and Tsichritzi Foundation (2018), at the Platform Project (2019-20) and at the Breeder Gallery (2019).