The Seconds Later…

A cultural foreign exchange reflection on social isolation realized during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Two artists, living in different countries, both dealing with the anxiety of a global pandemic, share their self-reflections on isolation, loneliness and melancholy. The connection between creation and solitude is put to test as it was not known even if the film would be even finished as “going back to normal” seemed distant and unsure, as it with life itself. “The Seconds Later…” is singular as it would only could have been created on this moment in time, where art could only be shared through the internet. As the world as a whole seem closer to crossing the bridge on the pandemic, we are still waiting on the seconds later and the effects that this period will cause in our collective sanity. This project was shot entirely on cell phones.

Gabriel Olímpio, Isadora Locks (BR)
Overthinkers Films is a Brazilian production company, focusing on experimental films, created by actor and filmmaker Gabriel Olímpio in partnership with different artists, currently based in São Paulo, Brazil. It started as an extension of the authorial projects of Gabriel, which are often produced, written and directed by the artist. During the 2020 pandemic of Covid-19, the project “The Seconds Later…” was envisioned as a cultural foreign exchange with Brazilian artist Isadora Locks, who is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Both of them shared their experiences on isolation, resulting on an experimental film rooted in melancholy and self reflection. The project was shot entirely on cell phones, creating a gritty and current expression of loneliness.