Confinement under construction

CONFINEMENT UNDER CONSTRUCTION addresses the experience lived in my Madrid apartment during the lockdown period imposed during the months of March and April 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The domestic space became the only possible cosmos to inhabit, being the visual contact, through the windows, the only possible one to establish with other people. This situation generated the need to do it at various times of the day, such as when at eight in the afternoon people went out to the windows and balconies to applaud the doctors and health personnel. The home became the only place in the experience, where the imagination could flow.

Carmen Isasi (SP)
I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, due to my permanent research and experimentation and for having incorporated new media and languages as the projects and works have been claiming. Graduated in Fine Arts, in my beginnings I worked painting and drawing with a figurative intention, from which I progressively moved away until, after a long period of purification, I approached abstraction. In the 90s I moved to Madrid to study the Master in Aesthetics and Theory of Arts at the Autonomous University. New projects lead me to incorporate new media, such as installations and performances, and gradually photogravure, photography, artist’s books, video, or more recently, virtual reality are added to my work. In my work I am interested both in experimentation with media and languages and in tackling projects on problems that challenge us today.