Rainbow Machine

Rainbow Μachine is a videoclip for the swiss band Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus. It is a very warm sounding but lyrically dystopian track telling the story of how the world will eventually end for humanity. It’s nothing dramatic, it’s just a mellow tale of what seems to be impossible from our individual selfish perspective.

Bianca Caderas (CH)
Born in 1990 in Switzerland, Bianca Caderas started off her further education with becoming a hairdresser. In 2014 she started studying 2D animation at HSLU (Lucerne). Her graduation short film Living Like Heta (co-directed by Kerstin Zemp and Isabella Luu) was awarded the High Swiss Risk Award at Fantoche 2017 and was screened at numourous festivals including SHORTSHORTS (Tokyo), Animafest (Zagreb) and Warsaw Film Festival. Bianca moved to Hamburg in 2018 and started studying Film at the University of Fine Arts.