Wounded was the dressing (not the arm)

With this short movie the creators wanted to relate temporality and melancholy and they chose a dreamy shape to depict this relationship. Nostalgia is generally aimed to the past but that’s not its only dimension. Present’s nostalgia and future’s nostalgia are oxymoronic realities. Some people live in a costant condition of ‘fading immediate’, they cling with all their strenght to a poignant present.

 Unwind this blindfold, unwind, unwind.
White, white, less white. A little red, red, red, more red.
(Is the sore here?).
Unwind, unwind, less red, less red, less red.
White, white, whiter, whiter and blindfold’s off.
Wounded was the dressing. Not the arm.
So, could this be melancholy and nothing else?

Carmelo Bene,
I appeared to the Madonna, 1983

Lorenzo Peluffo, Fortuna De Nardo (IT)
Fortuna De Nardo (1996) is a fine arts student at Albertina Academy in Turin. She has taken part in several group exhibitions such as Salerno Biennale (2014), La memoria del tempo at Archeological Museum of Nola (2017), Festival del Tempo, Sermoneta (2021), Persistenze, Turin (2021), The Upcoming Art. Part 4_, Turin (2021). Her means of expression are mainly photography and video art. She’s intimate, delicate, flower-lover. She is used to hide herself behind her pictures.

Lorenzo Peluffo (1986) is a fine arts graduate of Albertina Academy in Turin. He started working on sound material dropping several tapes with many independent labels. Currently his research is focused on video, non-linear narrations and digital folklore.

They started working together during this pandemic era so most of their works are a product of long distance collaboration. They’re mainly interested in light, sound and flowers. First they gaze away into the distance and then they rephrase.