The Offshore Firm

“The Offshore Firm” is a series of retro-dystopian interior scenes depicting corporate, institutional, and business spaces belonging to a secretive and all-encompassing hedge fund and wealth management company that circulates capital through much of the world and outer space. This series was created and photographed within an emulated building simulation game, “The Life Stage: Virtual House,” released in 1993 for the 3DO console in Japan. Although the game has remained in obscurity, it is remarkable for pioneering the use of camera-centered gameplay within a fully virtual 3D environment.

Sabato Visconti (BR)
Sabato Visconti is a Brazilian new media artist and photographer based in Western Massachusetts. They began experimenting with glitch processes in 2011. Since then, Sabato has sought to interrogate emerging imaging practices that have become absorbed by digital processes, hybridized media, online networks, and machine intelligence through works that capture the plight of the subject in the face of environmental turbulence driven by systems designed to fail or malfunction.