“Sabotage” is a track taken from Ivan Iusco’s third studio album titled “Synthagma”. This haunting cinematic composition embodies a pulsing electronic bass, howling synthesizers and obsessive drums that slowly drive the listener into an intense and startling dimension of overlapping and collapsing realities. Humanity is in the midst of a radical transformation that is approaching the scenario envisioned by the cyberpunk literature at many levels: artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, big data, and what author Bruce Sterling called “under our skin” technology: a human-machine synthesis encompassing implanted circuitry, prosthetic limbs and genetic engineering. The music video for “Sabotage”, directed by E. Gabriel Edvy, London-based American visual artist, emphasizes the importance of the awareness of our choices and the capability to change our path at any given moment. The embedded binary code appears as a metaphor representing that power of choice. E. Gabriel Edvy also directed official videos for Pink Floyd, Clock DVA and Dive’s “Let Me In” and “Concrete Jungle” (both composed by Ivan Iusco), among many others.

Ivan Iusco (IT)
Ivan Iusco is an Italian award-winning film music composer based in Los Angeles. His latest projects include the original score for the psychological thriller “State of Consciousness” starring Emile Hirsch (“Into The Wild”, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”) by U.S. director Marcus Stokes (“Criminal Minds”, “The Flash”, “Arrow”), two original songs for “Cyberpunk 2077”, the worldwide acclaimed video game starring Keanu Reeves, and the original score for the short film “A Woman Makes A Plan”, by Alexo Wandael starring Maye Musk. His compositions have also been commissioned internationally for contemporary art installations, exhibitions, performances and choreographies in collaboration with prominent artists including American painter and photographer Sarah Pezdek, Italian painter and sculptor Iginio Iurilli, Ukrainian martial movement performing artist, Wu Woman, and Canadian painter, Cassandra Cronenberg. In 1987, he founded the pioneering music label “Minus Habens” involving artists such as Angelo Badalamenti, Brian Eno, Depeche Mode and Aphex Twin. In 1993, he co-founded, with Alessandro Ludovico, “Neural”, the independent Italian magazine devoted to digital culture.