Follow The Pebbles

“Follow The Pebbles” is a mini-collage of sound souvenirs. We shape our path intrinsically, but some of us are trying to follow the pebbles back in order to understand the elements that shaped us when we were children. All sounds were sourced from old fairy tales cassettes and together they create a parade where the musical elements pass you by. Noise, artifacts, human voices that become animals’ roar, all blend as reality and fiction collide. Warped sounds match our distorted memories. Once in our memory sound gains a dual identity. It becomes an eternal element that can be recalled and projected into the future, simultaneously conserving its past character. The listener is invited to dream again, even though aware that life is not a fairy tale, and to live happily ever after.

Anna-Maria Rammou (GR)
Anna-Maria Rammou is a sound artist interested in the relationship between the audible, the visible, and the non-tangible. Cinema and poetry also drive her artistic practice. She combines heavily processed field recordings, found sounds and DIY electronics. She has released dark ambient, noise and electroacoustic music and composed the score for the multi award winning short film animation “Pulsión” (2019). She has performed live at Chimeres Space and at Athens’ Conservatory where she has studied Contemporary Music and Sound Technology within ΚΣΥΜΕ-CMRC.