Music is invisible. And when the music is over, there is no evidence that it ever existed, except in the mind of the listener. This installation visualises and gives a shape to music by the touch of your fingers. A large interaction surface, divided into 400 sections that all trigger different musical loops and animations that choreographically express the music in that position. This is not an instrument to perform or to master. This is an instrument to explore. Touch and find musical bits that sound good together. And when you do so, don’t forget to listen. 3 touch screens, 3 computers, 6 loudspeakers and a software that synchronise all musical and visual loops into one collaborative dance.

Håkan Lidbo (SE)
After a career in music, releasing hundreds of records, Hakan Lidbo now creates interactive art, sound art, innovations, apps, games, books, film, radio, architecture, urban planning, virtual reality, food tech, keynotes, education, robotics and installations for museums, events and public places. He is the founder of Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm where experts within different disciplines explore innovative aspects of music, art, science, society and technology, merged into new expressions.