In a room of fictions we are welcomed by a man without a past. As he passes through gradients of artificial light, our avatar discovers his shadow. When the symmetry breaks, a grayscale duel ensues, where rationality overexposes while fear darkens. In Noon, shadow and light assume an allegorical form. An obsessive desire to eliminate shadows in favor of light reflects the mirage of progress through technology; rationalizing one’s environment by erasing any trace of doubt and indeterminacy. This sequence shot in first person view plunges us into a technological timeline in which our avatar sees his identity slipping away from him as he tries to illuminate its various representations.

Olivier Bémer (FR)
Olivier Bémer was born in Paris in 1989 where he lives and works. His work explores -through different mediums- the way we engage with technology and how it affects our relationship with time, with ourself and with others. His installations depict an adulterated reality in which archetypes simulate but fail to represent. Olivier Bémer is a graduate of ECAL, Beaux-Arts de Paris and the Fresnoy National Studio of contemporary arts.