Free Dome Universe 1.01 / Paradise found

United by one common concept of the Free Dome * universe, each project has its own story. The Dreaming Big of All Time is finding your own paradise, a source of endless bliss, in which you can hide from any problems. Meditative video art with original healing sound frequency music that will immerse the viewer in a kind of relaxing trance. And let the whole world wait! Nowadays we have the highest level of comfort ever. Many fantasies and wishes are real. Technologies give us a lot of opportunities and free time. But has our life become happier? Can technologies create a paradise for everyone? * The “Free_Dome” project — literally, an empty head— is a kind of meditative journey through the individual’s inner world, where we don’t strive to influence something, but as an observer relax and slowly float through our thoughts and fantasies.

Julia Shamsheieva (UA)
Julia Shamsheieva is a 3D and motion graphic artist from Odessa (Ukraine). Working in the field of visual communications, she was also developed as an audiovisual artist, gradually creating a personal aesthetic in the perview of video art, lighting installation, and projection mapping. Jul takes part in different light festivals all over the world. Her projection mapping works brought her grand-prize at Circle of Light (Moscow) and 1minute Projection Mapping (Japan) festivals, where she was also noted as the first female winner. During the pandemic, Jul tries to find a new way of realizing her ideas. She creates a new project – a 360-degree video, that makes the beginning of her fictional universe “Free Dome”. This movie was chosen for the 2020’s Official Selection at the Geelong Underground Film Festival in Australia. Making beautiful shows for people of all ages, carrying positive and vivid emotions is an artist principle.