mechanics of dreaming

This project started with a sentence from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe: “Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?”. This thought fascinated the creators because it corresponded to the current findings in neuroscience. The film describes the ability of the human brain to construct reality using dreams as an example. They designed a lab that could have come straight out of an old comic strip. A projector visualizes a subject‘s dreams on a dream screen while being observed by a dream researcher. The architectures in the scenes on the dream screen were inspired by the images of Giorgio de Chirco‘s Pittura metafisica. Or was it just a dream within a dream?

Hanna Nordholt, Fritz Steingrobe (DE)
The authors Hanna Nordholt and Fritz Steingrobe have been making experimental animated films, music clips, trailers and animations for documentaries in Hamburg for several years. Hanna teaches computer animation at an online institute and Fritz works as an illustrator for textbook publishers.