Corvine Orphans

Orphanages are filled with devastating sadness, fading glimmers of hope, and weird mysteries… that sometimes turn into deadly traps. After all, childish curiosity can be somewhat treacherous. But is it all so black-and-white? Simply about good and evil? Is there no in-between? No secret deals behind the walls of reality? Does every child beyond this doorstep follow their path towards doom? And for what? Well… the new kid has just arrived! So let’s find out where this mystery will lead him, shall we?

Antoni Kuźniarz (PL)
Antoni Kuźniarz was born in 1998. He is in his fourth year of his master studies at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Antoni works with illustration, comic, concept art, animation and painting with most of his works being in digital form. He is interested in onirism and mystery, while he inspires himself with fantasy, film and pop-culture. He has won the second prize at German-polish competition for his animated short “Spagat” and in Nurnberg for the animation “Corvine Orphans”. He has had his works screened in various festivals such as: Madrid Film Festival “MADRIFF”, Paradise film festival, ARG International Film Festival. In conclusion, Antoni has received a honorable mention from the International Festival of Comics and Games in Lodz for comic “Ręce Dziadka”.