How to smile (for more than five seconds

“How to smile (for more than five seconds)” is a short piece filmed in 16mm negative in February of 2022 as a final project for a Master’s degree in Direction of Photography Renzo was taking in Escac, a film school in Barcelona. This film tries to be a “fake tutorial” on how to approach getting out of tough circumstances. It uses oniric scenarios and intense color lighting to transmit its message, also using summersive music that is also another character in the film.

Renzo Concha Fernández (ES)
Renzo Concha Fernández is a 27 year old photographer/cinematographer from Lima, Perú. He is currently based in Barcelona and has been there for a year looking to work with different artists from around Europe and the world. His work surrounds the emotional aspects of life and touches fantasy-realism with deep dark lighting to create his unique worlds.