HOOD140 is a thesis project in a form of a cinematic journey, that bonds together a research team consisting of the thesis advisors, exploring a quite familiar, yet uncanny reality of the Neu Marx area – one of the multiple decentralized hoods in the city of Vienna. Embracing the capability of music to communicate the sense of belonging, this project will deal with a new kind of poetry by introducing the character of a narrating DJ and critically transcribing its apparatus into the architectural domain. The term ‘Homo Separatio’ replaced the notion of ‘Homo Sapiens’, as a dominant form of existence in human societies, while everybody got compelled to become architects of their own augmented environments. The hood’s virtual realms turned into almost permanent retreat territories for those willing to distance themselves from their grimy everyday lives. On their pathway, the documentation team comes across numerous temptations for possible realities, which tackle the linearity of a timeline, and ‘the here and now’ results itself into multitudes of feasible scenarios, concurrently present in the hood-scape of the near future.

Jakob Jakubowski (AT)
Kubakub (Jakob Jakubowski) stands for an architect, music producer, 3D Artist and AR developer who was born in 1993, with Polish background, in Vienna. He recently graduated in Art and Architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and is also currently working and living there. His work has been exhibited and awarded in multiple festivals such as the Athens Digital Arts Festival, Best Austrian Animation Festival, Europan15, Gagarin.doc, and so on. Besides his cinematic journeys, he worked with multiple artists and architects, like Hannes Stiefel, Anna Artaker, Wolfgang Tschapeller and Ataka51 on several design competitions and other projects.