Heck in the Box

FedUP Studio Lab is very excited to launch their first stop motion ident, “Heck in the Box”. Pinkwashing, Greenwashing, Whitewashing, we are opening a Pandora’s box… not one but three boxes, to be exact. Being ethical and sustainable is a minefield and they are committed to lead the conversation. The creators always wanted to develop a socio-political piece that showcases their ethical values, and they knew that Giulia Barbera was the right person to direct this piece. Stop-motion is quite special. Its handcrafted qualities really convey love, care and attention to detail more than any other technique.

Giulia Barbera (IT)
Giulia is pronounced Julia -like in English- but the spelling will confuse any non-Italian. She was born in Palermo, Sicily. She has a degree in American Literature and a diploma from the animation department of CSC – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Italy’s oldest and best known Cinema School. Moving to London, where she was freelancing for over 10 years, she worked with TV channels such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and BBC1, as well as in advertising, and in games, apps, and video productions aimed at the web, like “The Return of Auntie Lorraine”, a short written by Wes Anderson to promote his feature “Moonrise Kingdom”. She has been an activist all her life, both on the streets and on the keyboard, and is most interested in educational animation productions and documentary films. She will work remotely from her Mediterranean seaside town, while genuinely complaining about how hot it is.