“Whether it’s the microbiome in the human body or the trees that interact with fungal mates … we see that networking is more fundamental and lasts longer in biological systems than it is in humans.” -David George Haskell

A system of imaginary organisms, living and non-living, looking for ideal living conditions. They are hybrids of organic and digital matter and explore world and self. They grow on all kinds of surfaces, affect them to form a residential environment, to form minerals and to create raw materials for a future soil. Our system started from a lichen spore that escaped into space and is constantly traveling. The system is sympoetic, expanding the concept of the autopoetic system which is autonomous and shifting the emphasis to the collaborative relationships between its parties. Sympoetic systems are more flexible and adaptable while also producing new forms of self organization and transfer little pieces of information to their individual components without the existence of a central control.

Lida Maha, Katerina Maganiari (GR)
The artistic duo of Katerina Magkaniari and Lida Macha is keen on exploring memories and the collective subconscious through environments of analogue and digital media, sound, objects, technology and their body. The physicality of the process is very important in their practice. They are currently interested in new ways of coexistence, decentralized and more inclusive post humanist practices. In terms of form, they are lately experimenting with hybrid combinations and behavior of uncontrollable materiality and technology. The duo is currently based in Athens, where they are maintaining their studio, while studying for their final year of MFA, Digital Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts.