Distributive intelligence | A group mind

Distributive intelligence | A group mind is an immersive, kinetic light installation. It consists of a modular cluster of mechanical and interactive objects that collectively unfold emergent behavior. The installation embodies digital representations of complex systems through hundreds of these objects and their light communication. Such models, crucial to the understanding of nature’s elaborateness and ubiquitous in biomimetic technology, are materialized by electronic devices and their real-life fuzziness, becoming an artificial environment. The objects form a synthetic, pseudo-societal space of interaction: a dance floor for robotized objects, a collective artificial intelligence, simultaneously a united body and an aggregation of individuals. The work is establishing a self-organizing system, reflecting different forms of collaboration and social interaction. It questions the centralized nature of our society, in which a few actors control the critical nodes and infrastructures of modern life.

Lukas Truniger (FR/DE)
Lukas Truniger is a new media and sound artist. His work is driven by the intangible, the invisible, the inaudible and the complex in nature as well as in society. He creates singular experiences challenging the modalities of perception, pinpointing unseen connections of artificial, natural and social systems to further blur their supposed division. He takes advantage of the mimetic nature of technology to create speculative representations of transient aspects of reality. These explorations can take the form of multimedia installations, artistic infrastructures, performances, and the creation of new musical instruments. His work has been shown internationally in institutions and at various festivals such as Ars Electronica, Burning Man, Sonica, International Digital Arts Biennial (BIAN) and International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA). He is represented by Bipolar, a production and distribution agency for digital art located in Montpellier (F).