The dotBot is an open creative robotic platform designed and constructed from the ground up by the artist. This drawing robot can create large-scale pixel drawings on vertical surfaces (such as walls). The robot consists of two parts, the Base and the Cartridge. The Cartridge is interchangeable. Depending on the Cartridge choice the design technique of the robot changes. This allows the exploration of different creative styles based on pixels. The Cartridge currently used (Halftone Cartridge) allows the creation of murals using the halftone technique. The Cartridge uses specialized ink stamps which render dots of various diameters on the vertical surface. The dots collectively form a halftone image. This platform creates murals through a fusion of different creative fields such as digital art, photography and street art. Moreover, the dotBot creates images that lie on the verge of the digital and physical world. Despite the fact that they are physical representations the process and the design technique are a constant reminder of the digital aspect through which the representation is created.

Dimitris Mairopoulos (other_robot) (GR)
Dimitris Mairopoulos is a Computational Designer and New Media Artist. He holds a Master of Science in Design and Computation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Furthermore, he is a PHD candidate on the fields of Computational Creativity and Creative Robotics and teaches a class on Design Thinking at Mines ParisTech. His work is based on exploring creativity through various computational tools and robotics. He is interested in the amalgamation of digital and physical world- the amalgamation of human and machine and the emergence of post-human creative entities.

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