Fungi Symbiosis

Under the pink warmth of the growing lights, a light breeze make my cells tremble with delight, while my digital sensors are waiting impatiently for the next cloud of humidity. In this environment, my liberated biologic cyborg shell, has been left open and ready to connect, as a field for the non human to attach and grow. In this archipelago of feelings and endless senses, the need of alienation is no longer a threat but rather my purpose. Who knows where this journey will lead me, who knows when my brain can no longer identify the human strings attached inside the very basis of my existence. I count down impatiently the cycles of fungi growth and cycles software updates and I await the moment that these screens start transmitting my new evolved self, while I float and understand the bio techno environment from another point of view.

Georgios Ouzounis (GR)
George Ouzounis was born and raised in Thessaloniki. He completed his studied in Architecture at Technical university of Crete at 2020 and since he lives and works in Athens, both as an architect and conceptual 3D Render Artist. His work includes different media, in between 3D Scan, Render, photography and Video. The last 2 years he is working on his ongoing project ‘’Super Gonorrhea‘’ where he creates fantastic chimeras and worlds that draw inspiration from the (post)-human body, gender and sexuality. His works are always situated inside an artificial or natural ecology. ‘’My practise is based on the relations between bodies and their mutual dependance and co – existence inside the broader systems, ecosystems and ecologies in which they are situated into. Essentially, it is placed in between the artificial and the natural, in between nature and technology or simply between reality and a fantasy. In parallel, my practise aims to understand and analyse the contemporary complexity of our world and to structure a different and more positive post-human scenario in relation of how we want to look on upon ourselves in the future’’.