THE CLUSTERS is a dance performance that brings inorganic machines to life. It stages eight robotic dancers, under the direction of an artist-performer. Each rhythm created by the moves of one robot is added to the others, and it gradually forms a complex musical space. Then the infection of this joie de vivre spreads to the public, just like a virus.

We dance smiling to express happiness.

We dance crying to forget the things that depress us.

We cannot stop the beating of our heart. With dance and movement, we imitate this rhythm and sublimate it. In other words, dance is a regeneration of our vital energy.

Naoyuki Tanaka (JP)

Naoyuki Tanaka, aka NAO, calls himself a Total Material Artist (or TMA, referring to Total Martial Arts). He arrived in France from Japan in 1997 and graduated in 2003 from École des Beaux Arts in Aix-en-Provence. He uses computer code, image and sound in order to create interactive multimedia performances. Since 2003 he has taken part in several digital arts festivals in France and abroad. He creates his own visual and sound universe resembling punk aestheticism. After 10 years of coding and developing for collective artistic projects, he started to work in 2013 on a more personal art practice based on robotics, a media in which he was interested since his childhood because of the 80s mangas and movies. With his works and performances he casts a cynical eye on contemporary society and plunges viewers into a reflection about new/lost technologies.