Museum of Moscow’s Subconsious

In this AR experience, Pavel Pepperstein – a renowned classic of contemporary Russian art – together with Sonya Stereostyrski and Immerse Lab explores the subconscious of Moscow city that is presented as a sentient organism. The works are created in the ‘phygital’ genre – each canvas at the exhibition opens a ‘portal’ to augmented reality, where feverish dreams and hallucinations of the city acquire form and shape. A critique on the city’s coloniality and dependence on oil export, this experience also derives from subjective interpretations of Stanislaw Lem’s ‘Solaris’ and its film adaptation by Andrei Tarkovsky.

Immerse Lab (RU)

Immerse Lab is an international artistic collective founded in Moscow in 2020. Their work experiments with merging live performance and digital experiences – augmented reality (AR) in particular. The AR experiences they have developed include >>>ATALANTA (director Maxim Didenko), Museum of Moscow’s Subconscious, and Leave the Room NYC (director Talgat Batalov – a work in progress). Their ‘Urban.X’ AR series promotes street art and its vibrant but marginalized community across Russian cities.