Inspired by the writings of Donna Haraway and the methodology of speculative architecture, Unsculpt explores urban and natural scenes created from the assemblage of human and machine agencies. Generated with artificial intelligence, synthetic landscapes emerge as fragments of dreams, faded postcards from an imagined future.

Human and natural constructions – mountains, sea shores, skyscrapers and facades – are digitally sampled, instantiated and assembled in animated collages. A fleeting materiality emerges, machine learning allowing for slow metamorphosis between textures and materials, from marble to silk, from concrete to flesh.

The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Myriam Bleau (CA)

Myriam Bleau is a composer, digital artist and performer based in Montreal. Exploring the limits between musical performance and digital arts, she creates audiovisual systems that go beyond the screen, such as sound installations and performance-specific musical interfaces. Her presence on the popular music scene influences her hybrid electronic practice that integrates hip hop, techno, experimental and pop elements. Her work has been presented in festivals and conferences such as transmediale, AKOUSMA, Radical dB, NEXT, Music Tech Fest, Sounds Like, NIME, Earzoom and Network Music Festival.