3xGhc64.web is a video performance/guerrilla fashion runway, but its also more than that. Inspired by the trashcore aesthetic, this film experiments with fashion, time, space and perception. Characters mesh into another, they transform into alien-like creatures stranded on the abandoned ruins of an old museum that was never finished. Its an Escher-like dream space where imagination runs freely in an undelimited environment, where ghosts of the past collide with futuristic creatures. This film exists as a way to rebel with trends and fast fashion, it rearranges unconventional materials to create something else, something ethereal yet grounded on a harsh reality, we are all creatures of trash, we are all our own model, our own artist, even our own ghost.

Santiago Hurtado (CO)
Santiago Hurtado is a Colombian visual artist currently residing in Bogotá. Utilizing performance, video art, painting and ceramics amongst others, they explore contemporary life, virtual existence and internet pop culture. Most of the questions they try to portray in their artwork comes from explorations surrounding the versatility and open access of today’s world, mixing medias into one single compound.