‘Floating’ is about getting lost the beauty of the moment as an act of self-empowerment. It’s about following your own voice, even when society’s pressures seem to be ever-increasing. The music video was created by a diverse artistic team of women, non-binary and PoC – whose collaboration along with the song’s message and artistic aesthetics, makes a statement to the current music and film industry.

Jasmin Luu (DE)
SEOI‘s collective reflect diverse realities and turn them into visionary worlds – where new voices find exchange to unfold and take up space. The collective translates deep societal perspectives into a captivating aesthetic that is grounded on emotionally vivid, sensual and moving ideas. SEOI always recreating the workflow to an more unique and supportive environment. Through collaborating with interdisciplinary artists, SEOI works as a team and breaking through boundaries of strict hierarchies. SEOI Collective was formed January 2021 in Hamburg by filmmaker Jasmin Luu, directress of photography Marie Scholjegerdes, musician KUOKO, and producers Liya Wang and Martina Hentig.