Wings of Darkness

“To many the night seems terribly dark, of a blackness in which the worst nightmares are possible. But, for those who look closely, the night is not completely dark. It’s rather a light made of shadow, with waves of a more brownish or reddish hue, more velvety or lighter, as if inhabited by flying beings that one does not see during the day, like wings of darkness”. Inspired by a Chinese legend, the mythical story of the archer Yin takes on a metaphorical and testimonial character in modern times.

Gonzalo Suárez Morilla (ES)
Gonzalo Suárez Morilla (Oviedo, Spain, 07/30/1934) has one of the most important filmographies of Spanish cinema, with more than 25 films as a director, screenwriter and producer. His works have been recognized by some of the most important film festivals in the world such as Cannes, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Chicago, Paris or San Sebastián, where he obtained the Silver Shell for Best Director. His career has also been distinguished, among other awards, with the National Cinematography Award, the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts, he has been named Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Minister of Culture, received the Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise, the first time this cross was awarded to a film director. His films have received eight Goya Awards, including for best director and the Gold Medal Forqué Awards (2020). Cinema and literature have always intersected in Gonzalo Suárez’s heterodox work. Mastery and narrative experimentation have characterized his ways of constructing and presenting stories that now, in “Wings of Darkness”, acquire an unexpected visual dimension from the drawings of Pablo Auladell. Cinema that becomes painting, painting that becomes cinema, experimentation by a narrator who surprises with the descriptive possibilities of cinema and painting as a rare and singular filmic object.