For the music video of “VIEB!” Shuna Luo used stop-motion to give the video an elastic and care-free dynamic to the video. She used different textures, such as 35mm film and pastel drawing to visualise the jazzy rhythm of the music. One of the themes of the song is about going with the flow and breaking free from feeling judgement and self doubt. The artist tried to create these feelings metaphorically, with the spider web being a metaphor for a trapped mindset from which our protagonist escapes. She states that she really enjoyed collaborating with the musician Dantes “as he had a clear vision of what he wanted and an open mind to allow me to create something in my own style”, Shuna says.

Shuna Luo (US)
Shuna Luo was born in Tianjin, China in 1993. She is an animation director and filmmaker based in London. Inspired by philosophy, poetry and literature, her work uses different materials to examine the human identity and our primal desires. Blue is something she is addicted to, she thinks blue is the cure for everything and it is constantly featured in her work. Her films have been selected and screened in different festivals, such as the MullenLowe NOVA Awards, Animage, Underwire and Animation Night New York.